3762 Piedmont Avenue Oakland CA 94611
(510) 654-0354


I first had cybelle’s in 2004 when I worked at summit hospital. They got it once a month for lunch. I since moved to Vacaville and get cybelle’s when I pass through. Now I’m living in Oakland and do once a month pizza night with my family. I’m making cybelle’s a family tradition. This pizza is really that good. The ingredients are fresh the crust is delicious. Not one complaint from my picky eaters either. I have no heartburn and every time I eat pizza the sauce gives me terrible heartburn. This is the one pizza I can actually eat! The people are so friendly and helpful and k ow the menu it’s very impressive. I have never ordered online before for delivery. I ordered gave the baby a quick bath and as soon as his jammies were on the k ok at the door with a pleasant pizza guy last night smiling and greeted me. The whole family has a cold and we were all tired and that pizza was so good it made us all eat in silence with no complaints. Thank you for the dinner break the kind warming delivery person the fast service and scrumptious pizza. Made our families movie night for sure! See you next month!! AW

[…] We have a favorite pizza-thin crust, sausage & mushroom and have recently tried the buttermilk chicken sandwich…WOW, delicious! I’ve had the fried chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty’s before and I have to say that I honestly prefer this one, it’s really good and not at all dry like Betty’s. […] the woman who answers the phone is very friendly and makes us feel good about spending our money at this local pizza shack – we like to keep it local. 🙂 Thanks Cybelle’s, you keep us coming back for more.

Wendy S.

They have “giant” slices, I was impressed, nice and crunchy crust with flavorful sauce and melty cheese, might be my new fave pizza slice in Oaktown.

Frank K.

Just had the Monster Slice with pepperoni and jalapeños added. The service was great and very courteous. The three flat screen TVs made it even better. Funny thing, the cashier reminded me of Tina Marie. I would definitely recommend.

Willie L.

As an Italian NYer I’m very picky about my pizza and calzones, this place is awesome! M.D. who is one of the owners is super sweet too!

Elizabeth H.

The new decor and setup looks fantastic. The garlic fries are incredible. The pizza is amazing. They have a small bar with beer on tap. Everyone was super nice. I definitely recommend trying it for yourself.

Jose I.

Ordered Delivery and it was super. Ordered a second time since the first was so great. Enjoyed both meals and was happy with the delivery. The food was hot and very tasty.

Sandi M.

My husband and I were looking for a quick place to eat while visiting family at Kaiser hospital. We ordered a burger and double sweet potatoe fries. Meat was seasoned perfectly, and the pickle was extremely good. […] Sweet potatoe fries didn’t seem like the frozen kind, tasted like how I make them from fresh sweet potatoes at home – make sure to add some salt on them when they come to your table. Customer service was excellent, building was clean.

Janel P.

Consistently good! I often opt to stop here because it’s one of those places — you know what you’re getting. The lunch special, which includes a salad, drink and pizza is a reasonable deal compared to some of the other pizza joints nearby. Unknown to those who don’t frequent often — the back outdoor area on a nice day is awesome … don’t miss it!

Val G.

Loved ordering online or delivery. . Faster than waiting on the phone and being unable to be heard over the noise. Thank you. GH

Loved ordering online or delivery. . Faster than waiting on the phone and being unable to be heard over the noise. Thank you. MC

Delivery was faster than I expected and the driver was very pleasant! Yummy pizza and salad! JR

Excellent pizza, good salad, quick delivery. DM

Great food, awesome service! KS

Good pizza, ready on time, friendly service, easy online ordering. Thanks! SG

I usually call in my order over the phone. I ordered directly from the site. It was the most painless purchase ever. Great experience, not shocked. 🙂 SA

Really great service. Delivered to park where we were having our baseball game. Showed up on time and had plates, napkins, cheese, and chili pepper for us ready to go. Best delivery pizza. DK